Graflex Graphic 35

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The Graflex Graphic 35 is a 35mm rangefinder camera made by Graflex in the U.S, and used West German Rodenstock lenses[1] and Prontor SVS shutters.

It was introduced in 1955 as a replacement for the Graflex Ciro 35. Although based on the Ciro 35's basic design, essentially every mechanical part as well as the styling was modified.

The camera is focused by push buttons located on either side of the lens, and the shutter is released by pulling outward on a lever mounted on the front of the camera body.

The Graphic 35 was available with either an f3.5 or f2.8 50mm lens. The shutter has speeds 1 to 1/300th sec, with B and V (self-timer), X, and M flash synchronization.

The coupled rangefinder is of the split image type with a separate viewfinder from that used to compose the image.

To help with determining the correct aperture when using flash, a rotating "Universal Spectramatic Color Band" was located on the shutter housing. After setting your guide number you focused the camera, noted the color shown on the "Visy-Ready Footage Scale" and set the aperture by moving the pointer to the same color on the Color Band.

Production is commonly stated to have ended in 1958, but the U.S made Graphic 35 continued to be promoted by magazine advertising until the end of 1960. [2]

Later Graphic 35 models were made by Kowa for Graflex; i.e. the Graflex (Graphic) Century 35 and derivatives, plus the Graflex Graphic Jet 35.[3]


  1. According to the Graflex Journal - issue 3 of 2016 - some lenses may have been by Enna Werk.
  2. Advertisement for the push-button-focus Graphic 35 can be found in the March 1958 National Geographic, 1959 Rochester 8 New York magazine, a plus a listing in the June 1960 UK Amateur Photographer magazine's Annual Camera Guide, and the December 1960 edition of US Modern Photography's Annual Camera Guide.
  3. Contrary to popular claims made on other Internet websites, it seems very unlikely that the Graphic 35s were made by Kowa. This idea appears to rise from a confusion of the Graflex Graphic 35 with the Kowa/Graflex Graphic Century 35.