Gallus Derby

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It was a strut folding viewfinder camera for 127 film rolls, made by the French manufacturer Gallus (probably under license by Foth) from 1937 to about 1940. Like the original Foth Derby, the Gallus version sported a cloth focal plane shutter capable of shutter speeds of 1/500th of second. Compared to the German-made units, the build-quality of the French Derby 5 and the Gallus Derby is quite coarse, as evidenced by the broad aluminium rims and the greater weight of the camera (almost 10% heavier than the Foth Type 2).


  • 127 format, 30 x 40 mm images;


  • Length 123 mm; Height 82 mm; Depth (closed) 41 mm; Depth (open) 66 mm; Weight 473 g.


Lens Options


  • Black and leather, the latter ‘De Luxe’ version imitating crocodile, being uncommon.

A Gallus Derby with a SOM Berthiot f3.5/50mm (Pictures by Dirk HR Spennemann (Image rights))