Fujifilm Tiara ix 1010

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The Fujifilm Tiara ix 1010 MRC is a compact camera for the APS film system. In Japan, it was part of the EPION series of cameras and was known as Fujifilm EPION Tiara ix 1010 MRC. The Fujifilm Fotonex Tiara ix 1010 MRC or the Fujifilm Endeavor Tiara ix 1010 MRC in the US. The small camera's body is designed as its own case. The camera is switched on by pulling that case-body open. When opened that way its design is reminiscent of the older Fujifilm Tiara II, a 35mm compact camera.


  • Type: compact camera
  • Films: IX240 (APS) films with speeds 25 to 3200 ASA
  • Lens: Super EBC *** Fujinon 1:3.5/24mm (3 elements)
  • Exposure: automatic
  • Shutter: programmed electronic shutter
  • Shutter speed: 1/2-1/500 sec.
  • Focusing: active infrared autofocus
  • Viewfinder: real image finder
  • Flash: built-in multi-program flash
  • dimensions: 86×54×29 mm
  • weight: 135 g without CR2 battery
  • APS extra: PQI data storage
  • lens coating: EBC (Electron beam coating)