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The Fujifilm Digital Instax Pivi is a series of instant film printers. It mostly known as Pivi. It uses credit card sized Instax Pivi film. This series of products are directly relate to the print technology of the FinePix PR21 digital camera with built-in photo printer released in 1999. It is based on Instax Mini, ISO 800, silver halide instant film with the printer containing a unique VFPH (vacuum fluorescent print head). Even thought Instax Mini film are nearly identical in physical appearance they are incompatible to the Pivi system.

Instax Digital Mini printer

The original Instax Digital Mini printer didn't have references to marketed brand Pivi, but used a similar type of Instax Mini film. Connectivity was SmartMedia card slot, IR and parallel LPT printer port.


Released in 2004. Much more portable then the predecessor. Official name was "Instax Digital Mobile Printer". It uses "Instax Pivi" film for consumables and IR for connectivity. Some colors available include orange, cyan, pink.


Released in 2005, the Pivi MP-70 can be used to print from IRDA compatible devices. Available in silver, black, pink and yellow. It uses two CR2 batteries and is small at 129mm × 100mm × 29mm and 210g .


The MP-300 was released in 2006, it's main advantage over previous Pivi MP-70 model is better connectivity. Featuring a female USB type A connector, as well as IRDA, IRsimple interfaces. Compatible with PictBridge making printing easier via USB. An imprint feature allows the date to be printed onto the photo. It uses two CR2 batteries. With the ability to use an optional AC adapter. The unit comes in black. It slightly bigger the MP-70 at 146mm × 102mm × 29mm at 225g.


Fuji's IR-100 accessory is a USB to IR adapter that can enable the use of a wider assortment of USB devices.


  • There is an approx 1MB size limit for using IR. Reduce the file size to remedy or use USB.


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