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The Fujifilm Natura S is a 35mm autofocus compact camera designed by Fujifilm and released in 2001 and discontinued in 2006. It was only available in the Japanese market; so the settings printed beside the LCD are in Japanese only.

The Natura S was designed for photography using natural light, although it does include an electronic flash. To accomplish this, the camera is fitted with a fast, very wide angle f/1.9 lens. (The tradeoff is that this lens does not zoom, unlike the other Fujifilm Natura models.) The camera at only 37mm thick, can barely fit the the lens. The back element of the lens fills the entire 35mm frame area, it also sits extremely close to the film, almost touching.

This camera was designed to use a special Natura film, which was a 1600-ISO color film, in what Fuji called NP (Natural Photo) mode. The NP mode can be used with other types of 1600 ISO or 800 ISO films, in colour or black and white. NP mode was designed to automatically compensate exposure when using faster films. Many situations that ordinarily require flash can be photographed without it when using the Natura and a high-ISO film in NP mode.


The camera was offered in pastel colours: aqua (blue), rose (pink) and Lavender (purple, with silver accent around the lens and corners of the camera). A slightly different variation with another front face was also available. It offered other colour variations in piano black, piano white, and matte black.

Black Edition

A special Black Edition of the camera is also available, having minor design difference like a vertical Natura emblem and a small patch of leather for a grip. It is more commonly called Natura Black 1.9.

Natura Black 1.9
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Special edition

A special edition piano black Garcia Marquez Gauche version was also available. [1] Garcia Marquez Gauche is a Japanese company that specializes in designer handbags and accessories. The camera is the same as the piano black version version except it has the company mascot printed on the front. Included is a specially designed camera pouch and box.


  • Lens: 24mm f1.9
  • Focus: auto focus, 0.4m to inf.
  • Shutter speed: 1 to 1/360
  • NP: Up to +2 EV
  • Film speed: Auto DX 50 to 3200 ISO.
  • Power: 1x 3V CR2
  • Dimentions: 109.5 x 58 x 37 mm
  • Weight: 195g



In English

In Japanese