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The Natura Classica is a 35mm auto focus zoom cameras introduced by Fuji in 2004. A version called Natura NS was released in 2006. A special limited edition of 3,000 Natura Classica White was made available in 2010.[1]

These cameras uses a special Natura film (discontinued) which was a 1600 iso color film that enabled NP (Natural Photo) mode. In NP mode the cameras will automatically compensate exposure when using faster films. Many situations that may require flash are not necessary with the Natura using a high ISO film in NP mode. This produced more natural images instead of typical flash images with dark backdrops and crushed highlights in the foreground. NP mode can also be enabled with other 1600 ISO films in colour or black and white. The Classica versions can also enable NP mode on 800 ISO film.


  • Film format: 135 35mm
  • Frame size: 24mm × 36mm
  • Lens: 28 to 56mm; 2.8 to f5.4 Super EBC Fujinon lens
  • Focus: AF: 0.4m ~ inf.
  • Meter: 28mm; 8 to 17EV (100 ISO);56mm; 11 to 17EV (100 ISO)
    28mm; 8 to 17EV (1600 ISO) 56mm; 11 to 19EV (1600 ISO)
  • NP: 0 ~ +2 EV
  • Shutter speed: 2s to 1/360s
  • Film speed: Auto DX, ISO50 to 3200
  • Power: 1x 3v lithium CR2
  • Size: 109.5 × 62 × 36mm
  • Weight: 155g


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