Fujifilm DL-290 Zoom

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The Fujifilm DL-290 Zoom is a compact 35mm zoom camera in Fuji's drop-in loading (DL/Discovery) series.

It is available in the US as the Discovery 290 Zoom. Full dark black body version were available as the Discover 290 Zoom BL. Some models are a lighter shade. The BL variation is often described as a darker coloured version, but typically not imprinted on the camera.

A date-imprinting model is available as the Discovery 290 Zoom Date, in Japan as the Zoom Cardia Super 290 Date. Black date model was available as the DL-290 Zoom Date BL, Zoom Cardia Super 290 BL and the Discover 290 Zoom Date BL. Silver body Date versions were also offered as the DL-290S Zoom Date and as the Discovery 290S Zoom Date. Also available with remote control. As with many of the later zoom-lensed compacts from major manufacturers, the lens is impressively sharp and contrasty with only a touch of vignetting at the wide end. The flash also produces good exposures because its power is automatically set according to the amount of ambient light.


  • Fully automatic 35mm compact zoom.
  • High quality 38-90mm zoom lens. f/5-10.5 (5 elements).
  • Autofocus with focus lock. Can focus at 0.65m at 90mm setting, 0.9m at other lengths.
  • Drop-in loading and film pre-winding, with frame counter showing exposures remaining. DX-coded 35mm film from ISO 50-1600.
  • Red-eye reduction and auto-flash. (Can be switched off).
  • Large viewfinder. (Albada zoom finder 0.4-0.86 x magnification. Parallax correction lines. Auto-focus lamp.)
  • Self-timer.
  • LCD for frame counter and exposure mode.
  • Requires 1x CR123A lithium battery.