Fuji K-28

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The Fuji K-28 is a viewfinder camera for 35mm film, with manual film advance, built-in electronic flash, and wide-angle lens. It was marketed since 1991 as Construction Camera, usable under conditions of a construction site. On its sales package it's also designated as compact camera. It is dust- and splash-proof, even its sealed Fujinon f3.9 28mm lens. Maybe it was developed as camera that is handleable by people wearing working gloves. On top it has a focusing thumb-wheel and the flashgun's on/off lever. There's also the film advance lever, the rewind knurl, and the shutter release button, with release locking switch to prevent accidental exposure.

The lens is a 5 elements/5 groups construction, focusable from 75cm to infinity. The automatic exposure system automatically recognizes film sensitivities from 100 to 400 ASA, and controls aperture since the camera has a single-speed shutter. The light sensor's eye is located beside the lens.

The camera needs two AA batteries and weighs ca. one pound.