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Fototecnica Torino was a camera maker of the 1940s and '50s, based in the Italian car-industry capital Turin. The company made several rather stylish box cameras. Notes on the company at Storia della Fotografia note some doubt as to the relationship between Fototecnica and P&B, whose logo appears on a few examples of Fototecnica cameras (such as the Tennar shown below).[1]




  • Bakina (1946) 3x4 cm on 127 film[2]
  • Herman (1950) 35 mm viewfinder camera[2]
  • Tennar (1954) 6x9 folding camera:[2] also Tennar Junior, Tennar Lusso (with more speeds) and Tennar Super (with RF and extinction meter).[1] Very similar indeed to the Audax.


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