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Fotokemika was founded in 1947[1] in Maksimir-Zagreb, Croatia as a manufacturer of black and white photo chemicals, papers and cameras.

Their factory in Samobor, Croatia was opened in 1952 and manufactures a wide range of black & white films, and papers. The films were originally created by Dr C. Schleussner in Germany, and sold under the Adox brand name. That company was taken over by Dupont becoming Dupont Adox who eventually sold the coating plant to Fotokemia in 1970. They continued the manufacture of Adox films under license. When the licensing agreement lapsed the rights to use the Adox brand name ceased and the film was then sold as EFKE branded film. The Adox brand name now belongs to Fotoimpex, Berlin and the company sells EFKE films under the Adox brand name, for example the Adocolor type No. 126 film cassettes.

In Aug 2012, Fotokemika announced plans to end production after malfunctions in their film coating machine.



Efke films include KB (Kleinbild or miniature format) series 35mm film, R series rollfilm and PL series sheetflim in 25, 50 & 100 ISO. A variety of sizes are available, the KB is available in 36 exposure rolls as well as bulk 100 feet rolls. The R series is available in 127 & 120 formats. The PL series is available in 9×12 cm, 2¼×3¼, 3¼×4¼, 4×5, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 7×17 and 12×20 inch. ULF sheet films sizes are produced occasionally.

Efke KB/R/PL 25 is one of the slowest emulsions available. Its single layer technology and fine crystals allow very detailed pictures. Processing R25 can cause a few surprises. Rinse the film before developing: a bluish layer of paint washes off. When wet, the emulsion scratches very easily. The film has the tendency to curl when drying.

Efke is the last manufacturer making a Black & White 127 film Efke R100, the film has markings on the paper back for 4×4, 4×6 and 4×3cm pictures. It has a very clear film base and gives really sharp images. Efke is also the last maker of cartridged type No. 126 film.


A variety of paper is also produced ranging from fiber bases graded paper branded as Emaks and variable contrast type as Verycon in both fiber and resin coated. They are typically sold under the Fotokemia name with Fotokemica Zagreb Croatia written below the branding.