Folding Cyclone

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The Folding Cyclone and Bicycle Folding Cyclone are a range of folding plate cameras made by the Western Camera Manufacturing Company in the 1890s. They are wooden-bodied, and horizontally oriented. Most of the cameras are relatively lightweight, intended for use as hand cameras (and as the name suggests, for carrying on fashionable bicycle outings).[1]

Most of the cameras were offered with Western Camera's own Instantaneous Symmetrical lens (presumably a Rapid Rectilinear type); some were also available with a Turner-Reich anastigmat at extra cost, or a Symmetrical Wide Angle lens (the catalogue does not state the maker of this), or (at a considerable saving) Western Camera's Single Achromat (presumably a meniscus achromat).[1] Some of them will carry a small number (typically three) of double dark slides in the body of the camera.


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