Foca Universel

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The Universel was an improved model in the the Foca lineup of rangefinder cameras from OPL. Its bayonet lens mount accepted a series of lenses whose focus coupled with the rangefinder mechanism. There were several model versions and the series was in production from 1948 to 1963.

Model R and Model 3 had a fast focal plane shutter with speeds T, B and 1 to 1/1000 sec. Like a Leica the cameras had a separate speed dial for slow speeds.

Model 2 had a slower shutter and neither T mode nor slow speeds. Thus it had now extra speed dial.

The last model of 1963 may have been the Foca Universel RC, with new design, extra large viewfinder, and slow speed dial up to speed 1/40 sec.

OPL lenses for the Foca Universel

  • Standard: Oplar 1:2,8 F=5cm and Oplarex 1:1,9 F=5cm
  • Wide-angle: Oplar 28mm 4,5 and Oplar 35mm 3,5
  • Tele: Oplar 90mm 3,5 and Téléoplar 135mm 4,5