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The Flexaret series of TLR cameras was made by Meopta (and its predecessors) in Czechoslovakia. The Flexaret II is a fully mechanical camera with an all-metal body. The body is covered in black leather. The viewing hood has a magnifier and a sportsfinder. The name plate is marked flexaret only.
The Flexaret II shoots medium format 6x6 images on type 120 Rollfilm.

Transport and Shutter

The film is advanced by a knob on the right side. There's no automatic stop; the ruby window in the back has to be watched for the next frame number to appear. The Flexaret II has a Gauthier Prontor II leaf shutter (T, B, 1–1/200s) with selftimer but without flash synchronisation. A double exposure prevention is not present.

Lens and focus

The taking lens is a Meopta Mirar 80/4.5. The viewing lens is a Meopta Anastigmat 80/3.0. Focusing is done by a lever at the bottomside of the taking lens. The lens can be stopped down to f/22. The stopping down is stepless and controlled by a lever. Both lenses take 30mm push-on filters or hoods.


The following variations were observed :
Early models (from 1946) carry none or still the Optikotechna Logo on the sportsfinder.
Later models carry the Meopta Logo on the sportsfinder.

Observed variations in shutter type :


In German :