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The Falcon Flex was a pseudo TLR made by the Utility Manufacturing Company in New York.

The body was cast in aluminium[1] and has a bakelite hood. The camera features a focusing taking lens marked at 6ft and infinity. It has a 2-speed shutter with T and I modes; adjustable aperture with settings for f/11 and f/16, and a Faltar Precise 82mm lens.

Aperture is selected from a dial that is underneath and a part of the lens mount. Distance from subject is set by rotating the front cell of the lens. It is covered in black fine grain leatherette which is embossed with lines along its borders.


The 3x4 Falcon Flex

The 3x4 Falcon Flex was designed to use 127 film.

The 3x4 Falcon Flex has two windows on the back door (that can be either green or red, depending on the type of film to be used when the camera was sold brand new).

The 6x6 Falcon Flex

The 6x6 Falcon Flex was manufactured in 1939 in New York[2], and is the version of the Falcon Flex designed to use 120 film. The earlier model of this camera has three red windows on the back panel in a row down the left side[3], while the later variant had one red window in the center of the back panel. Both models took 120 film, and may have been some of the first American made twin lens cameras.

For the collector the Falcon Flex 6x6 is a somewhat scarce camera and even more difficult to find one in good condition. Many examples are plagued by rust, grime, missing or damaged leatherette, dirty viewfinder and paint loss - especially on the metal pop-up finder back. It was a well made camera though, which is quite surprising for an American pseudo twin lens reflex camera. Since this camera takes readily available 120 film, it can still be used provided the example is at least in working condition with a clean lens.



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