Exakta RTL 1000

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The Exakta RTL 1000 is a 35mm SLR that was made in Dresden, Germany by Pentacon. It still has an Exakta bayonet, but with an aperture trigger inside the bayonet instead of the one at the lens. Viewfinder modules of older Exaktas don't fit.


  • TYPE: 35mm eye-level single lens reflex.
  • MANUFACTURER: Ihagee-Exakta Camera Works AG, Dresden, former East Germany.
  • STANDARD LENS: 50mm f/1.8 Meyer Optik or f/2.8 Tessar with auto-diaphragm. Stops to f/16.
  • SHUTTER: Metal focal-plane with speeds from 8 to 1/1000 sec plus B, FPX sync, self-timer.
  • VIEWING: Interchangeable eye-level pentaprism; interchangeable full focusing screen, central microprism, fine focusing collar.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Optional pentaprism mercury battery-powered CdS exposure meter, measures entire picture area at full aperture or stopped-down aperture with manual diaphragm lenses. Accessory left-hand release shaft for Exakta lenses with external automatic release. This equips the camera with both right and left side shutter release buttons.
  • PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS: 5 5/8 in. long, 4 3/8 in. high, 3 5/8 in deep (front of lens to camera back) WEIGHT: 2 lb. 3 oz.