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The Ernemann Reflex Cameras

(info from Ernemann catalog 1926)
The Reflex type of camera is undoubtedly the highest development yet reached in hand camera design Its simplicity in use, its universal application to every branch of photography and the large percentage of successful results obtained amply justify its popularity among serious workers. Normally every photographer desires to possess a Reflex camera and just as normally wishes to feel certain, before expending a relatively large sum, that he is obtaining the best possible apparatus for his purpose.

The experience of 30 years in the construction of cameras of precision, the unrivalled resources of our technical staff, years of patient research in every branch of science connected with camera construction enable us to offer instruments of which it can justly be claimed that they are the leading examples of this type of camera.

The Ernoflex Reflex series consist of the following models each of which is fully desired as follows:
Model I
Ernoflex made for 9x12 (Quarter Plate) and 6.5x9 single extension with revolving back.

Model II
Ernoflex made for 9x12 (Quarter Plate) only, triple extension 38 cm with revolving back.

Miniature Ernoflex
for 4.5x6 cm, see Ernemann Miniatur-Ernoflex

Stereo Ernoflex
for stereoscopic pictures 4.5x10.7 cm.

Simplex Ernoflex
6.5x9 cm, box camera style, but focusable Ernoplast lens.

All Ernoflex cameras are fitted with the famous Ernemann safety blind focal plane shutter which has proved itself with thousands of users of Ernemann focal plane cameras, it can be altered either before or after winding. All alterations are effected entirely from outside.

Ernemann Ernoflex Model I


  • Ernoflex Mod. I 6.5x9 lens:
    • Ernemann Ernotar 1:4.5 f=13.5 cm
    • Ernemann Ernon 1:3.5 f= 13.5 cm
    • Zeiss Tessar 1:4.5 f=13.5 cm
  • Ernoflex Mod. I 9x12 lens:
    • Ernemann Ernotar 1:4.5 f=16.5 cm
    • Ernemann Ernon 1:3.5 f= 16.5 cm
    • Zeiss Tessar 1:4.5 f=16.5 cm
    • Zeiss Tele-Tessar 1:6.3 f=32 cm (extra)
  • Lens shift: Vertical only, 3 fixed stages (up, standard, down)
  • Shutter:
    • Type: Focal Plane
    • Speed: up to 1/1000 sec.

Sample pictures

Open & Close the camera

The camera opens ready for use in two simple rapid movements and when closed the lens is completely contained and protected.

Those movements are shown in stages here:

Stage I: Camera ready for use.

Stage II: Bellows collapsed.

Stage III: Viewing hood down.

Stage IV: Collapsing viewing hood.

Stage V: Camera fully closed.