Ernemann Liliput Stereo

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Ernemann Liliput Stereo 4.5x10.7
images by Abdishev
(Image rights)

The Ernemann Liliput Stereo cameras were produced for 45x107 mm plates only.
They were one of the smallest, especially when fully collapsed, cameras at the time.


  • Type: Strut folding camera (manually positioned internal gate struts)
  • Format: 4.5x10.7 cm for plates
  • Manufacturer: Ernemann
  • Years of production: 1914-1926
  • Lens: Stereo Achromatic 1:12.5
  • Shutter: T&I
  • Viewfinder: Folding frame, Celluloid focusing screen
  • Focusing: fixed
  • Front shift: No
  • Dimensions: closed 14x6.5x2.5 cm
  • Weight: N/A

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