Ensign Klito Nos. 0 and 00

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Ensign's Folding Klito Nos. 0 & 00 are a vertical folding bed cameras for the quarter-plate format.

The camera body is constructed from wood, the folding bed being made from aluminium, with external leather covering and bellows, and measures approximately 140 x 110 x 50mm when closed. It has single-extension bellows and front rise. As well as ground glass focus, there is a brilliant finder with spirit level and a focus scale on the drop bed with a click-stop for infinity when erecting the front standard.

The Folding Klito No.0 was supplied with a Rapid Achromatic lens. In ascending order of expense, lenses provided for the Klito No.00[1] were:

  • Rectimat Symmetrical f6.8
  • Ensign Anastigmat f7.7
  • Ensign Anastigmat f6
  • Aldis Plano Anastigmat f6.8
  • Zeiss Triotar Anastigmat f6.3

Lenses were set in an Ensign Simplex-Auto shutter with speeds of 1/25th, 1/50th, 1/100th, T and B.


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