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The name Elbow was used on the Japanese 6×6 TLR Elbowflex and 6×6 folder Elbow Six, marked ELBOW CAMERA FIRM. Japanese sites say that the company's name was Elbow Shōkai (エルボー商会); the word shōkai means "company" or "firm" but is generally used for wholesale or trade companies, so this sounds like a distributor's name. Elbow's address was 文京区駒込東方町94, in Tokyo.

The cameras were manufactured by Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku (東洋精機光学) and Kosumo (i.e. Cosmo) Kamera Seisakusho (コスモカメラ製作所): the two companies are named in advertisements appearing in magazines published in April and September 1955 respectively.

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