Ebony de Luxe IIS

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The Ebony de Luxe IIS is a viewfinder camera for 828 film, made by Hōei in about 1957;[1] it is an improved version of the Ebony 35 de Luxe of about 1955. In addition to significant restyling, with more metal bodywork, the camera has a synchronised shutter, with a PC socket and accessory shoe.


  • Type: Viewfinder camera
  • Manufacturer: Hōei Sangyō Y.K. (豊栄産業有限会社)
  • Years of production: 1957 approx
  • Film: 828
  • Lens: 50mm f/8 Hoei lens
  • Shutter: speeds I and B.
  • Aperture: 1:8 to 1:11 (waterhouse stop plate)
  • Viewfinder: optical eye-level type viewfinder.
  • Metering: None


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