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The Elca, Elca II and Ucanett are viewfinder cameras for 24 mm-square exposures on 35 mm film, made by the short-lived German company ELOP (and its predecessors and successors) just after the Second World War.

  • Elca (1947): the first camera, made while the company was Electro Optik GmbH in Glücksburg. It has a 35 mm f/4.5 Elocar anastigmat lens, with a sliding control giving f/6.3 and f/9, and an 'I' and 'B' shutter.[1] Metal-bodied with black painted finish, and a nickel-plated top-plate, raised at one end to accommodate the reverse-Galilean viewfinder. Film advance knob on the bottom, with a frame=counter in the top plate.[2][3]
  • Elca II (1949-50):[2][4] an improved model made by ELOP, with a Vario or Prontor-S shutter, and either f/4.5 Elocar or f/2.5 Elopan lens. Leatherette covering in place of paint, and chromium rather than nickel plating, according to McKeown.[1] Film advance knob now on the top plate. At least some of the cameras have a synchronised shutter and cold shoe.
  • Ucanett (1951): third model similar to the Elca II, made when the company had become Uca. Lenses are now named Ucar and Ucapan.[5]


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