Dacora Super Dignette

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The various Dacora "Super" Dignette models all shared a key feature, built-in light metering. The early series of Super Dignettes were made from 1956 through the mid-1960s in a few variations, but all with a front-facing round shutter release; somewhat sloping & curved sides to their metal tops; and a selenium meter cell. The top of the range was the Super Dignette E-B from 1962, which in addition to the light meter also featured a (working, as opposed to simulated) rangefinder window on the front. (It shared this with the meterless Dacora Dignette E-M.)

The Super Dignette E-B was also sold as the Ilford Sportsman Auto RF.

Later Super Dignette models (including the "Electric" types) are distinguished by a squarer, boxier body style; top sockets to accept flash cubes; and a hot shoe (rather than the earlier cold accessory shoe).