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This image has been licensed under one of the Creative Commons licences. This means that you can redistribute the image under certain restrictions. A restriction that applies to all the images licensed under Creative Commons is that you must attribute the image, that is, give credit to its creator ("author") by citing his or her name, artist's name or online-gallery user name.

The images inserted in Camera-wiki that are licensed under Creative Commons are hosted in Flickr, so you will have the exact terms of the licence that applies to the specific image by clicking on the image to visit the corresponding Flickr page, and clicking on the 'Some rights reserved' link to view the specific CC license.

There are six common types of Creative Commons licenses:

  • CC BY - requires attribution of author
  • CC BY-SA - requires attribution, derivative works must use CC BY-SA
  • CC BY-ND - requires attribution, derivative works not allowed
  • CC BY-NC - requires attribution, commercial use not allowed
  • CC BY-NC-SA - requires attribution, commercial use not allowed, derivative works must use CC BY-NC-SA
  • CC BY-NC-ND - requires attribution, commercial use not allowed, derivative works not allowed

The CC BY and CC BY-SA licenses are the most similar to "open source" and "free software" licenses respectively (such as the MIT or GNU GPL) and are used by those seeking to add works to the public commons in a way that protects the rights of the author and user equally. Each of the other licenses provide additional restrictions desired by some authors.

It's important to understand which license a photographer has used and what your rights are under that license before using an image or making a derived work from an image. You should consult the Creative Commons site for the complete text of each license.

A few images licensed under Creative Commons may appear in the pages of with no author name; this is only permissible for images inserted by their own creator. Even in cases where a CC-licensed image appears without attribution in the pages of, the image may not be used elsewhere without attribution.

To learn more about the Creative Commons licenses, please visit the Creative Commons website.