Cosina CT-4

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The CT-4 is among the more full-featured SLR models offered by Cosina in their "CT" range of SLRs using K mount lenses. The camera offers aperture-priority autoexposure or a full choice of manual speeds, featuring an electronically-timed, vertically-traveling Seiko shutter that ranges from 1/1000 second down to 8 seconds. Rare among Cosina models, the viewfinder incorporates a direct-view window of the aperture-ring setting.

There is an electronic self-timer with a forward-facing countdown LED, and an exposure lock button to freeze a particular meter reading. The ASA setting scale around the rewind lever incorporates a +/- 2 stop exposure compensation option. A PC socket alongside the lens mount allows for off-camera electronic flash. The camera baseplate can couple to a matching power winder.

The CT-4 shutter is dependent on power from two 1.5v button batteries (specified as alkaline in the owner's manual, although silver-oxide would offer more capacity); without them only the mechanical "X" setting of 1/100 second will function. A half-press on the shutter release will indicate exposure using 16 LEDs along the edge of the viewfinder—in manual mode, the currently set speed lit steadily and the meter-recommended speed (if different) blinking . There is a locking collar around the release button to avoid accidental battery drain.

This model also appeared under Vivitar branding as the XV-3.