Coronet Victor

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The Coronet Victor is a Bakelite 127 roll film viewfinder camera made by Coronet in Birmingham, UK, c.1955.

It has a two-speed (1/50, 1/100) shutter, and two apertures, set by sliders below and above the lens, respectively. The shutter is synchronised for flash, connecting via a PC socket. An accessory shoe is fitted on the top, to the users' left. The shutter release features a simple lock, which swings over to hold the button. The f/11 focusing lens is unmarked with any focal length.

A simple telescope-type viewfinder is moulded into the top. Image format is 4x4cm.

The back is retained by sliding end-pieces, which also form the strap loops. The back is a sheet-metal pressing, and is painted black with printed depth-of-field and exposure tables around the red window.