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The Corina is a simple plastic camera made by Druopta in Czechoslovakia, c.1960. It takes twelve 6x6cm images on 120 film. The Corina 2 is dual-format, with two red windows on the back, and with removable masks to reduce the frame size to 4.5x6 cm.[1]

The body of the camera is made from a thermoset resin plastic, and it has a pale-grey top housing in a different plastic. The lens is an achromat,[1] with stops at f/11 and f/16. The shutter has speeds 1/25, 1/50 and 1/75 second, plus 'B'. The lens and shutter unit screws into the body when not in use, and the same thread allows focusing, using zone symbols.

The shutter of the Corina, illustrated here, is synchronised for flash with a PC socket; the Corina 2 has a socket on the top for flash bulbs, under a folding reflector. [1]


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