Contessa-Nettel Stereo

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Contessa-Nettel offered a wide range of stereo camera types. In the literature some of these cameras are listed just as Contessa-Nettel Stereo camera despite of the many illustrious names that the company gave to its cameras. The one in the picture above is badged "Capi", but no Contessa-Nettel camera type list contains that name. It seems to be almost the same camera as is listed as Contessa-Nettel-Stereo in vol. 1 of H.D. Abrings "From Daguerre to today". A similar camera is described in depth in the source of "David Photographic" (see links below). It is a strut folding plate camera made of very fine wood and leather, equipped with sports finder, focal plane shutter and a pair of 1:4.5 Tessar lenses in a vertically movable lens board. One lens is mounted in a rectangular metal plate that is mounted onto the wooden stereo lens board. This plate can be turned so that the lens is nearly in the middle of the camera's lens board. With the one lens moved into the middle that way and the other covered with a cap the camera becomes a panorama camera.