Conley Junior

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The Conley Junior was a folding bed camera for rollfilm. It was available for the film sizes 120, 116, 122 and 125. The original model of 1912 (or 1913) was for postcard format 3¼×5½", thus using type No. 122 or 125 film. It had a single-extension red bellows and allowed rack and pinion focusing. It had a Rapid Rectilinear lens on a Wollensak Junior Automatic 5-blade leaf shutter with 10-blade diaphragm and speeds T,B, 1/100, 1/50, and 1/25 sec., a self-cocking shutter operatable by push-button or remote bulb. It had a metal hooded wood-bodied brilliant finder double-hinged to the folding bed.

A specialty of the leatherette coated wooden camera body was its back door. Of course it had a red window, and it was hinged with leatherette to the body. The two back door opening buttons were hidden under the body's leatherette. Film loading and unloading was possible when the film roll holders were pulled out of the body. "Conley" was imprinted on the body's leather handle. The camera had two tripod threads, one for horizontal, the other for vertical shots.

Later variants had the handle on the camera top and the finder mounted over the lens. Finally the body was restyled more like other rollfilm cameras, getting away from the brick form.