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The Cocarette was a non-self erecting folding camera for rollfilm. It was one of the first new products of the German camera maker Contessa-Nettel after the merger that led to the foundation of that company in 1919. The Cocarette camera series was continued after Contessa-Nettel itself was merged into the Zeiss Ikon group. Like many other folding camera types of the 1920s it was available in a variety of configurations.[1] After the formation of Zeiss Ikon the Cocarette was given the model number '519', with variations 519/14, 519/2, 519/15, denoting the film format. There was also a postcard format 522/17. Focusing was by a lever on the folding bed shifting the lens assembly forward or backward. Advanced versions were made which allowed vertical lens movements. The cameras all had a brilliant viewfinder, some incorporating spirit levels; some models also feature a wire frame sportsfinder. The original Contessa-Nettel design tried to simplify film loading with an insert that slides into the camera. This loading mechanism also meant a circular door in the back of the camera was provided to allow access to the lens for cleaning or removal. Production must have ceased c.1930 as the Cocarette does not appear in Zeiss Ikon's 1931 catalogue [2]

Contessa-Nettel Cocarette specifications

  • Film/frame size: film rolls of type No. 120 for eight 6x9cm exposures or 116 for 6.5x11cm exposures
  • Lens: variants include Novar, Meyer, Periskop, Dominar, Frontar, or Tessar
  • Shutter: Peri, Derval, Sonto, Klio, or Compur

Zeiss Ikon Cocarette specifications

Cocarette 519/14

  • Film/frame size: 129 rollfilm for eight 5x7.5cm exposures
  • Lens: Novar 1:6.3/9cm, Dominar 1:4.9/9cm or Tessar 1:4.5/8cm
  • Shutter: Derval or Compur

Junior Cocarette C

  • Film/frame size: 120 rollfilm for 6x9cm exposures
  • Lens: Trinastigmat 1:6.8/10.5cm
  • Shutter: Derval

Junior Cocarette D

  • Film/frame size: 116 rollfilm for 6.5x11cm exposures
  • Lens: Trinastigmat 1:6.8/12cm
  • Shutter: Derval

Cocarette 519/2

  • Film/frame size: 120 rollfilm for 6x9cm exposures
  • Lens: Novar 1:6.3/10.5cm, Dominar 1:4.5/10.5cm, Tessar 1:4.5/10.5cm
  • Shutter: Derval, Klio or Compur

Cocarette 519/15

  • Film/frame size: 116 rollfilm for 6.5x11cm exposures
  • Lens: Novar 1:6.3/12.5cm, Dominar 1:4.5/12cm, Tessar 1:4.5/12cm
  • Shutter: Derval, Klio or Compur

Cocarette 522/17

  • Film/frame size: 122 rollfilm for 8x10.5cm exposures
  • Lens: Tessar 1:4.5/15cm
  • Shutter: Compur


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Zeiss-Ikon Cocarette variants