Coca Cola 35mm camera

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The Coca Cola 35mm Camera is a merchandising product, a toy camera marketed by the Supra GmbH, a licensee of the famous drink maker's logo, and made in China. It's an analog compact with a digital feature: When you press one of the notes which the little bear below the flash/ASA switch sings ;-) some bars of a coca cola advertising song will be played through the speaker beneath the lens, and the red and green LEDs will flicker funnily. The film advance has to be done with a thumbwheel, and the shutter release button can be locked against accidental pressing. For rewinding the film you must use the rewind button and then the rewind crank.


  • Type: toy camera
  • Lens: 35mm f/5.6
  • Viewfinder: simple optical viewfinder
  • Flash: to be switched on manually, ready control LED beside the viewfinder
  • Films: 35mm with filmspeeds 100 or 400 ASA
  • Extra: Song-Refrain "Always Coca Cola" with lightshow
  • Dimensions: 130 x 73 x 40 mm

The camera sold in a package
which looks like a cool drink
images by Uwe Kulick
 (Image rights)