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The origin of the brand Cinex (or Cinéx) is a great puzzle. Several cameras have carried the name, despite looking nothing like each other. Usually they are Chicago products; but at least one camera from Cardinal of New York also carried the brand—including the same accented E.

There is one Cinex Pseudo TLR which McKeown's ascribes to Spartus. Cinex camera have been seen carrying the (probably fictional) company names King Sales Co., Craftsman Sales Co., etc. We are tentatively attributing the models here to the Spartus/Monarch/Galter group of camera brands, based on the resemblance between these cameras and others in the Falcon/Spartus Chicago cluster. Maddeningly, there is also a Cinex from Chicago rivals Imperial, which is a name variant of the Imperial Mark 27.

See The Chicago Cluster for more probably-related cameras and "companies"