Chinon CA-4

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The CA-4 and CA-4s are automatic exposure 35mm film SLR cameras produced by Chinon.

They are very similar cameras, but S model uses a mechanical self-timer. Both of them uses a electromagnetic Seiko focal plane shutter that has stepless speeds from 1 to 1/1000 sec. Along with the automatic exposure mode there is a bulb and a X electronic flash sync mode that operates a maximum of 1/100 of a sec. The metering system is a TTL center weighted system capable of using 25 to 3200 ASA films. The ASA is set with a dial beneath the film rewind crank.

The finder has a split image microprism in the center as a focusing aid. Within the finder is a LED based shutter speeds scale on the left with markings for 1-1/8, 15, 30, 60, 125, 250, 500, 100 along with over and under exposure indicators.

The film transport uses a single stroke film advance lever. The counter is upwards counting and can automatically reset when the film back is released. Exposure 24 and 36 are marked in orange. Rewinding is with a folding rewind crank and a release button on the base. The back of the film door has a memo holder to place film box tab ends. This is a reminder of emulsion type and film speed.

The camera is powered, unusually, by three SR44 batteries. There is a battery check, but in the event they have gone flat the shutter will still work at 1/100 of a sec.

Foto-Quelle offered both cameras in its sales program: the CA-4 as Revueflex ACX, the CA-4s as Revue AX3.