Chinon 35

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35mm point and shoot compact camera by Chinon based on Chinon 35EE rangefinder and was produced in the Mid 1970's. The camera is scale focus but shares the same 38mm f/2.7 lens as the 35EE. It has the same metering system with automatic (A) mode, Flash (Guide number) and bulb (B) settings. It shares the 35EE's viewfinders frame & parallax marks and a needle display of shutter speed and aperture.

The 35 top plate is slightly recessed on winder side and counter in moved from winder to adjacent but this set up is described on some 35EE varients. Both cameras have a CdS meter on Lens barrel allowing the metering to adapt if a filter was fitted. However the 35 lacks the timer found on the 35EE. The model picture lacks a PC sync socket and is not threaded for cable release like the 35EE

A version of the manual was issued for both camera. The manual indicates that precise focusing is not always critical because of the sharpness of lens and depth of field and a setting of 5-7ft usually produces desirable results


  • Lens: Chinonex Color Lens 38mm 1:2.7
  • Metering: CdS sensor on lens mount
  • Focus: Scale 1m to infinity
  • Modes: Automatic (A), Bulb (B) and flash guide numbers
  • Bulb setting: Aperture fixed at f/2.7
  • Film speed: Set on ring at front of barrel in ASA (25-500) or DIN
  • Battery: 1.3v mercury Mallory PX-675 or equivalent. (Modern equivalents available)
  • Hotshoe mount for flash with shutter speed of 1/30
  • Tripod Mount