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The Certonet is a folding camera made by Certo from about 1926.[1] It is vertical-folding, and metal bodied. Most models are covered with black leatherette; the Luxus camera is covered with real leather.

The Certonet was Certo's model XV in 1926, in two versions, both for 6×9 cm exposures (2¼×3¼ inch) on 120 film. The front standard simply pulls out on rails. It has a brilliant finder. McKeown does not mention a wire-frame finder for this model, but an example apparently of this model, seen as an auction lot has one.[2] McKeown lists two types; a standard model XV, and model XV/0, which appears to differ mostly in being less well-specified as to lenses and shutters (Vario or Pronto). The standard model has either an Ibsor or Compur, and the lenses available include a Meyer Trioplan, Eurynar, Goerz Dagor or Dogmar, Xenar and Tessar.

The camera was updated in 1928. The new version has radial-lever focusing, as pictured here. It now has both a brilliant finder and a wire-frame finder. The standard Certonet (still catalogued as model XV) now has front rise.[3] It has a wipe-clean card in a holder on the back, for notes (similar to the note-panel on sone Super Sport Dolly cameras). The shutter is still an Ibsor or Compur, and there is a very wide range of lenses, again including a Trioplan, Eurynar, Xenar or Tessar, and now a Plaubel Anticomar or Pecomat.

McKeown also lists a 'model XIV' Certonet, which is for 6.5×11 cm exposures (2½×4¼ inch; presumably on 116 film); it seems to be a junior version of the camera, with only a limited choice of lenses, a Vario shutter, and no radial focusing.

There is a 'Luxus' version of the Certonet, from 1931,[1] with brown leather. Again, it has radial focusing, and the note-card on the back.[4]


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