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Page names at should respect the following conventions.

Page on a camera model or a camera series

For pages about a camera model or a camera series, the name of the maker should appear in the title if the camera is usually so named (so "Pentax LX", not "LX"), but not otherwise (so "Pearl", not "Konishiroku Pearl"). The rule of thumb is that model names consisting of mere alphanumeric characters ("F" in "Nikon F", "M6" in "Leica M6", "EOS 1" in "Canon EOS 1" etc.) should go with the maker's name, and model names including a proper word should be alone ("Vitessa", "Ikonta", etc.)

When more than one camera model have the same name, you should choose an unambiguous title and make a disambiguation ("disambig") page (see for example the Prominent (35mm), Prominent (6×9), and the Prominent disambig page). This might involve breaking the above rule by including the maker's name in the unambiguous title.

Page on a camera company

For pages on a camera company, the title should reflect the name used most often to refer to the company (e.g. "Minolta", not "Chiyoda Kōgaku Seikō"). This name should have been the actual company name at some time, not merely the name of a product (e.g. "Ihagee", not "Exakta"). When the company is not particularly well known, you can choose the name which was used for the longer period, or the name which was used most recently.