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Recent events have made it clear that having a better defined organizational structure is necessary both to support continued growth of and to protect the website from future take-over attempts targeting individual site maintainers or admins. Having organizational rather than individual oversight of will also provide non-profit status for tax-deductible donation.

There are a number of complexities to our situation including the geographical distribution of participants. It may take some time to define the correct path we need to take and any organizational effort is going to require significant financial resources. The establishment of a 501(c)(3) based on current costs will likely fall in the $500 to $1000 range. We believe the challenges can be met and this page is where the planning of a long-term road map will take place.


  1. Provide trusted, secure, and open financial support for the site
  2. Provide long-term management and administration of the site
  3. Provide hardware, software, and bandwidth needed by the site
  4. Support continued growth of the site through PR efforts
  5. Protect the site from outside threats and take-overs

Non-Profit Roadmap

  1. Select odd-number committee to do the work
  2. Pick organization name
  3. Do name/trademark search
  4. Define organizational purpose/goals
  5. Create IRS 501(c)(3) statement of purpose
  6. Create articles of incorporation (charter)
  7. Define organizational structure (officer, directors, advisers)
  8. Create bylaws
  9. File State incorporation
  10. Obtain IRS IEN number
  11. File for IRS 501(c)(3) recognition
  12. File for state franchise tax exemption (if needed)
  13. File for state sales tax exemption (if needed)
  14. Establish bank account
  15. Establish (or tie existing) paypal account to bank
  16. Transfer assets (e.g. domain names, hosting agreements)