Calcu-Flash S

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Calcu-Flash S is an electronic flash meter manufactured by Quantum Instruments, Hauppauge NY.

The meter reads incident and reflected flash intensity. After a flash has been manually fired the LED displays a number indicating the flash intensity. This number must then be converted into a photographic exposure settings by using a rotatable dial calculator attached to the meter. The dial works as it does with most standard light meters. Indicator points on the dial adjust readings for high range, low range or reflected readings. Many photographers prefer measuring electronic flash incandescently because it gives greater accuracy and consistency than the auto-exposure thyristor controlled flash units are capable of doing because they can easily be confused by the background.

An important feature of the Calcu-Flash S is its ability to store data from successive flashes. After each flash the meter displays the total amount of light accumulated to that point. It will continue doing so until its “reset“ button is pressed which clear the unit’s memory. The meter's ability to do this enables reading “pumped” electronic flash. Flash "pumping" is when multiple flash discharges are used to build-up exposure on film or charge on a CCD.

The accessories available for are a hard case; a spot metering attachment with a 10 degree angle of acceptance; a filter attachment with the most often used color correction filters built-in and a fiber optic probe for macrophotography and photomicrography. Calcu-Flash meters are no longer being manufactured by Quantum.