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Bradac brothers

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The Bradac brothers or bratri Bradacove started making cameras in the 1930's. They had a factory in Hovorcovice, Czechoslowakia. Their Kamarad TLR cameras are the first in what was to become the Flexaret TLR series, made by Optikotechna and later Meopta. Financial difficulty forced them to close down their factory. Optikotechna in Prerov then employed both and continued their camera line. In 1946 this company was nationalized and renamed Meopta.


  • 1936 Kamarad I
  • 1937 Kamarad II (Companion)
  • 1937 Autoflex


  • French Patent 993761 of 1951, in the names of Jan Bradac and Meopta, Dispositif pour maintenir la synchronisation dans les appareils de projection de films pendant le d├ęplacement de l'image (apparatus to maintaing synchronisation [of the film-advancement mechanism and the aperture] in projection apparatus when the image frame moves), at Espacenet, the patent search facility of the European Patent Office.
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