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Bluefire Laboratories, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada iwas mostly known for their 127 film products.

The company started as a offshoot of The Frugal Photographer, a film distribution business that catered to uncommon film formats. Bluefire was not the original intended name. The Adox trade name had just expired. In 2003, they acquired the company name Adox Fotowerke, Inc. in Canada, but Fotoimpex also bought the rights to that brand name in Germany. To avoid confusion decided to use the name Bluefire for their products, allowing the Adox name to be used for Fotoimpex products worldwide.

Frugal Photographer's online shop closed in August 2023.



  • Bluefire Murano 160 ISO color film in 127 format (cut and respooled Kodak Portra NC [1])
  • Bluefire Murano 400 ISO color film in 127 format
  • Bluefire Murano 160 ISO redscale film in 127 format
  • Bluefire Police 24 exposure 35mm film


  • Bluefire HR developer
  • Bluefire Micro developer