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The Bildmeister is a monorail camera made in about 1950 by Bermpohl of Berlin. McKeown lists it as a 9x12cm camera,[1] and a 10x15cm example was offered for sale at Westlicht.[2] The working parts of the camera are aluminium, and the frames of the front and rear standard are of hardwood. It has leather bellows. One example, seen in a forum post, has some of the metal parts finished in a hammered-effect paint; these might be steel.[3]

The camera is mounted on an aluminium rail, circular but with one flattened side, carrying an engraved scale in centimetres, and approximately 40cm long. Four blocks are mounted on the rail, and can slide along it. One of these is the tripod-mounting block. Two more are the mounts for the front and rear standards. The last sits before or behind the rear standard, and carries the focusing knob: a rack set in the block supporting the rear standard passes through this mechanism, allowing fine focusing by racking, only with the rear standard. While this may be preferred, it seems an odd choice on so well-made a camera not to allow either standard to be racked.

The camera has geared front rise and fall, and other usual movements.


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