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In 1898 the salesman Peter Otto Berlebach founded his tripod factory in Mulda (Saxony). The company made wooden tripods and wooden photo drying facilities. In 1920 it was sold to W. Dittmar, K. Biskaborn, and F. Heisinger and started producing metal fittings. From 1972 to 1990 it was incorporated in the East-German state-owned combinate Polytechnik und Präzisionsgeräte. In 1990 Wolfgang Fleischer bought its assets from the Treuhand, a state-owned industry re-launch agency of re-united Germany which let many other photography companies die.

Today the company has two plants in Mulda, one for metal-part and tripod-head production, the other for production of the wooden tripod legs and tripod assembly. The secret of the wooden tripods is ash wood which reduced vibrations, making wooden tripods real concurrent products in the photography tripod market.


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