Bela Box

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The Bela Box is a box camera which can use either 120 or 620 film. The camera's maker is unknown, but it was probably made in Brazil.[1] The body of the camera is metal (apparently cast, but perhaps pressed metal), finished with black crackle-finish paint.[2] On the front, there is a stepped protruding section containing the lens and shutter; on the front of this there is a metal plate, printed with the name 'Bela Box' in vertical capital letters. The camera has an 'I' and 'B' shutter; the release is a simple plunger on the right hand side of the shutter section; there is a tab on the bottom which gives time exposures. There is a telescopic viewfinder on the top of the camera, and a leather handle fastened to this finder. The orientation of the finder suggests that the camera makes 2¼x3¼-inch pictures.

The rear of the camera has two red windows, suggesting that it is adjustable for two different formats.[3]


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