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The Baldur (854/16) is a Box camera made by Zeiss Ikon from 1934 onwards.

It was named after the leader of Hitler Jugend B.D.M. (Hitler Youth Group) Reichsjugendführer Baldur von Schirach. The cameras were distributed to leaders of each group so that their activities could be recorded. [1]

There are 2 models, the Nr.51 for film size 4.5x6 cm and the Nr.51/2 for size 6x9.
Both use type 120 Rollfilm.

The Baldur was meant to be a cheaper alternative to the Box-Tengor.

From c.1937 onwards the Baldur was gradually replaced by the Erabox which is essentially the same camera.
The Erabox has however different model numbers, Nr.52 for film size 4.5x6 cm and the Nr.52/2 for size 6x9.


  • Lens :
    size 4.5x6 cm models have a Goerz Frontar 11/9cm lens.
    size 6x9 cm models have a Goerz Frontar 11/11.5cm lens.
  • Shutter: Zeiss Ikon "Spezial". T and I (1/25sec).
  • Two brilliant view-finders.
  • Film-transport by key and use of red window.
  • Dimensions DxHxW:
    size 4.5x6 cm models 93 x 88 x 75 mm.
    size 6x9 cm models 115 x 105 x 74 mm.
  • Weight:
    size 4.5x6 cm models c.370 grams.
    size 6x9 cm models c.525 grams.


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