Atom, Atom B

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The Atom is a folding plate camera for 4.5x6 cm plates, originally made by Hüttig in 1908 and, after the firm took part in the merger to create Ica, by them from 1909-25.[1] There are three similar vertically-oriented models, the Atom A and the models 50 and 51; the Atom B (illustrated here) is horizontally oriented. McKeown lists a number of lenses available for the Hüttig camera, including a simple achromat, an f/6.8 Dagor, an f/6.8 or f/5.4 Maximar or an f/6.3 Tessar; the shutter is one of Hüttig's own.[1] The ICA cameras are more common, and have either a 6.5 cm f/4.5 Tessar or an f/6.8 Hekla, and a dial-set Compound shutter with speeds 1-1/300 second.[1]

The Hüttig cameras have two brilliant finders mounted in the centre at the front of the bed, allowing either model to be used upright or on its side. The ICA cameras have a single, slightly larger brilliant finder in the same position; these do not appear to be rotatable for use with the camera held on its side. As the picture shows, the finder of the Atom B projects below the bed when erected.


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