Argus C

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The Argus C is a simple 35mm camera made from 1938-1939 by Argus, Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its rangefinder lacks the gear coupling to the lens found in the Argus C2 and C3. Along with the C2 and C3 these cameras are sometimes dubbed "the brick." The Argus C has a 50mm f3.5 Argus lens and 10 shutter speeds ranging from 1/5 to 1/300 of second.

In many ways it was a logical evolution of the A-series: it features the same film advance and rewind knobs and a similar if not identical counter, while adding an uncoupled rangefinder. It is not the only rangefinder to be based partially on the A-series, as the first Perfex rangefinder was a focal-plane shutter uncoupled rangefinder with a very similar body to the Argus A.