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The Aquamatic (and Aquamatic 1a and Aquamatic II) are underwater cameras for 28 mm-square images on 126 film cartridges, made by (or for) the French company Spirotechnique.[1][2] The company had already made the 35 mm Calypso, which is substantially metal-bodied. The Aquamatics are made mostly from moulded plastics. The cameras were designed by Jean-Louis Défuans, and at least the Aquamatic II was later sold under his Formaplex brand. The camera was guaranteed for use at up to 75 m.[3]

The first model of the camera has a 35 mm f/8 lens,[1] which underwater is effectively a 26.5 mm (because the lens' first curved surface is in contact with the water; in contrast, the Calypso has a flat glass protecting the front of the lens, so gives the same angle of view in and out of the water). The Aquamatic has aperture stops (fixed stops in a sliding metal strip) f/8, f/11, f/16 and f/22. It has shutter speeds 1/50 and 1/100 second. A close-up lens is attached on a short leash. It can use Magicube flash-cubes. It has a simple frame-finder.

The Aquamatic 1a (pictured here) and II have improved specifications.[2] The sliding, captive transparent strip on the front allows one of two different close-up lenses, or neither, to be positioned in front (i.e. the camera now has three-zone focusing, at 2.5, 0.4 and 0.3 metre). The frame-finder has cross-pieces, and the aperture control is now a turning knob. The camera back is secured by partly-metal catches (whereas those on the first model are all-plastic).[1]

At least under the Formaplex brand, a back for 135 film was available; simply a different back piece to clamp to the camera body with the same catches as the 126 back. A second front strip, with an alternative set of focusing lenses, was available as an accessory.[4] A short description of the camera reproduced at Collection Appareils gives the dimensions of the camera, with the 135 back, as 140 x 128 x 108 mm, and its weight as 1080 g.[3]


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