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Ansco introduced this nicely-finished 6x6 folder for 120 film in the latter half of 1948[1]. While generally similar to the Ansco Standard Speedex & Speedex 6.3, this was decidedly an upmarket model: Advertised alongside other folders costing USD $20 to $50, its $96.86 price was surprisingly high[1]. (In 2011 dollars this would equal about $885[2].) The specs offered a 90mm f/4.5 anastigmat lens; a range of shutter speeds from 1/2 to 1/400 sec.; and flash sync built into the shutter using an ASA-style bayonet connector. Nonetheless, this is a scale focus camera; there is no double-exposure prevention; no self-timer, and no accessory shoe.

Perhaps it was the styling that was meant to justify the premium price. The flared wind knobs and satin-finish cast top plate are undeniably handsome. Also, Ansco created a stylized, color-coded depth of field scale, which adds a nice rainbow splash to the face of the shutter.

Although Ansco had severed its association with Agfa during the WWII years, by 1952 the company was importing German-built 120-film Agfa Isolette and Record folders, for sale under the Speedex and Viking brands. Thus, the Titan represents a last hurrah for camera designs originating from the venerable Binghamton, New York, company.

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