Ansco Commander

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The Ansco Commander is a medium format folding viewfinder camera produced by the US company Ansco in the mid 1950's.
It takes 8 images size 6x9cm on a 120 format rollfilm.

At least the shutter/lens assembly was certainly delivered by the German company Agfa and the camera as a whole resembles very much the Agfa Billy I folder (model from 1950).

  • Lens: Agfa Agnar 1:6.3 f=105mm, Coated.
  • Shutter: Gauthier Vario leaf shutter. Speeds 1/25 to 1/200 sec. and B.
  • Flash synchronization : Sync socket on shutter. X synchronization
  • Dimensions WxhxD: ?? x ?? x ?? mm
  • Weight: ??? grams