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The Anschütz-Moment-Apparat is a wooden box-form detective camera for 9x12 cm plates, made by Goerz. McKeown states that the camera was first made in about 1890, but that no examples of this are known to survive.[1] A second model was made in about 1892.

The camera body is a simple wooden box, without leather covering. It has a focal-plane shutter, with the controls (and a leather handle) on the right-hand side. The camera's name refers to Ottomar Anschütz, the designer of this shutter; Goerz had exclusive use of the design, and several early Goerz cameras are called either Anschütz or Ango (Anschütz-Goerz).

McKeown shows an example with an Extra Rapid-Lynkeioskop lens, and a folding frame finder.[1] Two examples of this type have also been seen at Westlicht.[2][3] Another example sold at Westlicht has a Goerz Universalaplanat C No. 1 lens, and has a Watson finder and spirit level on the top;[4] (being a plate camera, it could of course also be used with a ground glass focusing screen). This example appears more primitive than the others, having some of the shutter mechanism exposed on the side.

An advertisment of Goerz in a Dutch Photomagazine[5] from November 1899 gives the following sales information :
Pocket camera for the highest speed, exposures till 1/1000 sec. Doppel-Anastigmat lens, focal-plane shutter, foldable viewfinder, double extension lensboard. Formats: 6.5x9, 9x12, 12x16.5, 13x18 cm and stereoscope.


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