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The Anny SP is an inexpensive camera for Bolta film, made by Hōei around 1960. It has a fixed-focus 5 cm lens, (identified as 'Utacar' in some examples[1][2]) with two aperture settings (f/8 and f/11). It has an 'I' and 'B' shutter, which is synchronised for flash with a PC socket and a cold shoe on the top housing. The camera has lever film advance (but presumably this must be used with the red window).

The top housing is shaped to suggest a pentaprism, but only houses a reverse-Galilean viewfinder. This was not an attempt to deceive; the camera is substantially smaller than a real SLR camera. Rather, as suggested by collector 'Nekosan', the Anny cameras may have been intended for children, with the charm of looking like their fathers' cameras.[3]


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